About Polka

One Often stumble upon wonderful surprises in small towns…

Born out of the love of beautiful things, girly things, doylies, birdies, dots, tea cups, porcelain….Out of a hunger for tasty things, home made things, artisan bread, deli finds, jams, flowers, wine, tarts, cakes, home bakes, is Polka restaurant.

We inspire, we love ,we do life in the Karoo

Freshly baked goods

Our baked goods are baked fresh daily, from stoneground flour giving it a yummy, wholesome taste. We bake Ciabatta, Rye, Pain au la vain, whole wheat, French loaf, buns and panninis. We also do our own pizzas with a ciabatta base.

Restaurant and events

At night, Polka changes into a full restaurant where you can sit at a candle lit table, with a glass of superb wine and enjoy the hearty food prepared with Karoo hospitality and a touch of class.

We often host some local talent as well as cater for weddings and corporate functions. With our multi talented staff, these evenings are fabulous and more often than not, they turn into late nights and early mornings with special memories.

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+27 (087) 550 1363

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